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About Us

About Us

Prachi House designs, manufactures and markets battery-operated sprayers, knapsacks, power sprayers, and a variety of products in the field of agriculture. The firm aims at providing top build quality at affordable prices to help achieve its long term vision. Established in the year 1999, Prachi House has successfully transitioned its operating areas from Bihar to the whole of India. Prachi House is a word that is synonymous with the agricultural division of India where it is regarded as one of the most trusted brands in India.

The firm has always believed in delivering superior quality products in an underdeveloped agricultural sector of India, hoping to advance the agricultural sector by not only improving the quality of crops but also by providing the correct tools for helping farmers increase their yield. The idea of the born was born from the experiences of the proprietor whose forefathers themselves were farmers. The firm's mission is to deliver superior quality products to make life easier for farmers with the long term vision of cultivating a developed agricultural sector.

25 Years Of Experience In Agriculture Products

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Consider their years of experience, industry reputation, and expertise in the field.

Experience and Expertise

A company with a long history and a solid understanding of agricultural spraying equipment is more likely to provide reliable and high-quality products.

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If you have specific requirements or unique farming practices, consider whether the manufacturer offers customization options.